How to Find a Great Mechanic

As car owners, we’re guaranteed to find ourselves in a situation where we will need our car to be fixed or maintained. With so many mechanics out there claiming to be the best in the business with the best prices, it’s hard to know who to turn to. It’s also difficult to know whether the person you are dealing with is completely honest when you have a limited knowledge of cars. So, what do the best mechanics have that others don’t? Here’s a great starting point in knowing who to turn to and trust with your car issues.

Excellent customer service
It goes without saying that excellent customer service is a sure sign of a good mechanic. Only the best auto shops will emphasise their abilities and provide great customer service. If the mechanic is talking to customers on the phone and face-to-face with respect and friendliness, then they undoubtedly care about and look after their customers. Going a step further, a high quality auto shop may even offer a comfortable waiting room for their customers with free tea and coffee.

It’s very important that the mechanic you choose is qualified and experienced enough to provide you with the services you require. Some mechanics will have specialty certificates that will be able to help with specific issues. A truly great mechanic will be able to tell you if they are qualified to help you out with your car issues or not. There’s no harm in asking if they have the qualifications and certificates needed for particular jobs. Roadworthy certificates, eSafety checks, and other checks required by state require special certification on the mechanics behalf.

Up-to-date technology
A mechanic using tools and equipment from the 50s might be saving a bit of money, but they’re not taking advantage of all the technologies available to assess your car correctly. Many newer model cars are installed with computers and chips that need special diagnostic equipment in order to be serviced correctly. Even something as simple as resetting an error message on the dashboard often needs a special computer to correct. Look for a mechanic who has all of the tools required to fix your car.

A clean work area
Mechanics that take pride in their workspace and the cleanliness of their tools are clearly professional and have respect for their skills and trade. If you look at a mechanic’s workplace and it looks like a typical pigsty, it can be a sign of carelessness. You will see oil patches on the floor, which is completely normal, but if the place looks like it’s never been cleaned, take your car troubles somewhere that takes a little more pride in their work.

Word of mouth
Most businesses flourish through word of mouth advertising. This is done by providing excellent customer service to a person who goes on to recommend the business to friends and family. If you hear from someone how great a mechanic is, you can almost always be sure that it will be a good choice for your car.

Other services
A good mechanic will fix your car. A great mechanic will fix it, service it, smash repair it, and even buy it from you when you no longer want it. A mechanic offering other services on top of repairs shows that they are ready to expand their business to accommodate the needs of their customers. If they offer new services, do not be afraid that they are just trying to get more money. This is a sign that they are looking to help out their customers, old and new, as much as possible. After all, it is much more convenient to be able to do everything for your car in one place.

Still not sure who to turn to? Here’s a hint… SK Auto has everything you should look for in a mechanic. Feel free to contact us to find out more