Instagram Accounts Every Car Enthusiast Should Follow

If you love your cars, then Instagram is the social media network to be a part of. Car lovers around the world are browsing the network, posting pictures of the glamorous cars they drive and the place they visit.

As with every social network, however, finding the best people to follow can involve wading through a lot of accounts and posts that are… not worth following. With that in mind, here are our ten picks of the best Instagram accounts for car enthusiasts to follow.

The name is self explanatory, really. Amazing Cars is all about photos of the most amazing cars that are out there on the road. It’s also prolific as it takes submissions from car photographers all over the world.


If you’re looking for high quality photos of cars, this is the account to follow. It’s not just the cars that Arthur captures in his photos, but the stunning landscapes and architecture that the cars are surrounded by.


On this account you’ll find more than just pictures of cars. You’ll also see amazing close-ups of car components, and the incredible landscapes that the cars were spotted whilst driving around.


This Instagram isn’t tied down to any genre in particular. Rather, it’s a simple collection of photos - mostly of cars - that car lovers will appreciate. There are high quality photos of motorbikes, boats, and even watches on this account.


Motoring enthusiasts will recognise the Nitto Tire name, but far from a simple promotional account, Nitto Tire’s Instagram account managers really go beyond the call of duty to provide amazing imagery of the kinds of cars that would use these tyres, and the exotic places where you might see them driving.


You might find yourself a little jealous of Brett David after looking at his Instagram. After all, he specialises in importing Lamborghinis. Naturally, his account is full of images of luxury cars and the lifestyle he lives thanks to his career. It’s fun to have a look and dream.


Petrolicious provides images of vintage cars in glamorous settings. Sure, it has plenty of other photos of modern cars, but in our opinion the best reason to follow this account is to see the vintage cars driving through vintage landscapes - our kind of holiday.


This isn’t purely a car-focused Instagram. It is however filled with stuff that would be of interest to car enthusiasts, and dozens of stunning photos of ideal holiday locations - who wouldn’t want to see that? When you’re planning your next road trip then this site will give you plenty of inspiration!


Another Instagram that isn’t purely focused on cars, but very much one for car enthusiasts. The real strength of Uncrate is gear, style, cars, and tech, and there’s plenty of all of that on show. The photos are very artsy, making this one of the most visually vibrant Instagram accounts around the traps.


Last but certainly not least, Gear Patrol is a near-perfect mix of adventure photos, cars, gadgets, and everything else cool in the world of automobiles. The quality of the photos is what makes the account stand out - they’re easily the best in the business.

Follow these ten accounts and you’ll never have a dull commute again. They’ll make an Instagram addict out of every car enthusiast out there!