Why Our Services Are The Quickest in Brisbane?

Being an industry leader in Brisbane’s Car Removal Facilities, SK Auto brainstorms on every facet that may relate to customer satisfaction from any angle. The core objectives of our facility are to quickly complete each removal and to offer maximum value for unwanted cars to their owners. In order to achieve both aims in a convincing manner, we devised our three-step procedure for engagement with the owners of unwanted cars. If you have been looking forward for a reputed car buyer to get rid of your old, wrecked, damaged or faded up vehicle, learning about our three-step process from lines below would be worth your time. 


1. Get In Touch for A Quote:

Give us a call on (07) 3106 8631 or email carbuyers@skauto.com.au with your contact details and basic car information. Afterwards, our purchase staff asks some questions regarding the condition of vehicle, ownership, model number, etc. An estimated imaginary Quote based upon your description of vehicle is provided immediately. 

2. Our Staff Visits You Next:

Once you show interest in selling car at the given quote, our staff visits for confirming the accuracy of information shared in the first step. In most of cases, the estimated cost calculated on basis of information shared via phone becomes the final cost of vehicle. Otherwise, we make adjustments according to the conditions of vehicle to calculate its original value. 

3. We Finalize The Deal:

After proving that vehicle is under your ownership, you sign papers regarding transferring vehicle title to us. Afterwards, we pay cash for your car on the spot and remove your vehicle within an hour or two. We have our own vehicle removal trucks and they have capacity to transport cars of any size. You get receipt of car sale from us in the end.