SK Automotive, together with our car buying division SK Car Buyers, are famous for providing fast and fair cash for cars Brisbane wide. If you have a car you want to sell, no matter what the make, model or condition, we will offer a fair and competitive price for your used vehicle. Our premium service also includes a car pick-up from wherever you are at a time that works for you, and instant cash in hand.

Save yourself the time and trouble of advertising privately, or finding a car dealer that you can trust to pay you a good price. At SK Automotive we take all the risk and hassle out of selling your car, by guaranteeing a fast, trusted and reliable cash for cars Brisbane service every time. 

How to Get Instant Cash for Your Car

Get paid instant cash for your car with our quick and easy 3 step process. We’ll buy your car as it is, wherever it is!

1. Get in touch

Give us a call on (07) 3106 8631 or email with your contact details and basic car information.

In most cases we'll be able to provide a quote for your car straight away, but on some occasions we may need to contact you for further details. In every case we strive to provide all our quotes as quickly as possible. 

2. Get a quote

We'll give you a quote for your car depending on the make, model, and condition of the vehicle.

When you're happy with our offer, we will arrange the location and time for the transaction that is most convenient for you. 

3. Get cash for your car

One of our staff will pick up your vehicle, or you can bring your car into our Coopers Plains office. Cash is paid on the spot and we complete all the necessary paperwork right there, including the handover of the keys and title.

You will need to show the following documents at the time of settlement: 

  1. Registration certificate or proof of ownership
  2. Personal identification such as a Driver's License or Passport

It’s as simple as that! We provide the best cash for cars Brisbane has to offer.

Why Choose SK Automotive

With so many different ways to sell your car, it can be hard to know which method will get you the best results. At SK Auto and SK Car Buyers we are industry professionals, and we are always able to buy your car straight away for a competitive price, paying you instant cash in hand.

Here’s why you should choose our leading cash for cars service:

We’ll pay you the real value of your car. We offer you the best price for your vehicle every time, based on its actual value and not on external valuations. This way you’ll know you are getting an independent appraisal that isn’t subjected to any limits or constraints. 

We are experts in the Australian automotive industry. Our professional team has years of experience working with cars and a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. As a business we also provide exceptional mechanical services and repairs, so you can trust that we know what we’re talking about.

We’ll buy any car, in any condition. No matter what the make, model or manufacturer of your car, we are able to give you the best price for it. We also accept 4WD’s, commercial vehicles, trucks, utes, vans and any other sort of used vehicle.

We’ll come to you wherever you are in Brisbane. Our premium service includes a vehicle pick up from your location anywhere in Brisbane, with no hidden fees or charges for towing and removal. We’ll also bring all the necessary paperwork with us, so you don’t have to organise a thing and simply need to be there to receive your cash!

Sell your car instantly, with no stress or hassle. Advertising your car privately and going through car dealers is often a lengthy and time-consuming process as you wait for your car to sell. But with SK Auto we will always buy your car on the spot for a fast turnaround and an effortless car sale. 

Considering Selling Your Car Privately or Using a Car Dealer?

While the ease of using a car dealer or the control of setting your own price and selling your car privately may be appealing, both methods have a number of pitfalls that will add a lot of time and lengthy negotiations to your car sale.

Selling to a car dealer requires a lot of research beforehand to find one that you’re happy with. You will need to find a car dealer who not only deals with your make of car, but also offers good prices and has a trustworthy reputation. It will be especially difficult if you don’t have experience using car dealers before, and don’t know anybody who can recommend one.

But you can take the time and hassle out of selling your car with SK Auto and SK Car Buyers. We’ll always buy your car immediately, as it is, for the best price possible and with no drawn out negotiations or haggling. It’s quick and simple, and doesn’t require any effort on your part!

Additionally, our free car removal service means you don’t even have to bring your car to us, and we’ll come pick it up from wherever you are. Walk away with fast and easy cash in your pocket, every time.

Selling your car privately will give you more control over the price, and is usually an attractive option for people who are more emotionally attached to their cars as they can choose the buyer. But it is a much lengthier selling process, and requires a lot more work.

You will need to post advertisements and maintain communication with potential buyers, often also dealing with time wasters and scammers. You always need to be on your guard to make sure they are genuine customers, and if you haven’t had experience selling a car privately before you will be more at risk.

In addition, if your car is quite old, in less-than-ideal condition or has a high mileage, it will be much more difficult to sell to a private buyer. But at SK Auto, we will give you cash for cars Brisbane wide no matter what condition it’s in or how old it is, and we don’t require a roadworthy certificate! So you won’t have to put any of your own money into costly repairs or making your car more attractive, and you can trust that you’ll always get the best price. 

How to Get the Best Price for Your Car

We will buy any car no matter its condition, so if you’re after an easy and convenient sale then we will always buy your vehicle as it is. But if you want to get a better price you should consider making some minor improvements to your vehicle before selling to maximise its value. Here are some easy tips to drive up the price and value of your car:

  • Clean your car inside and out. Vacuum the seats and floors, and wipe down the inside surfaces. Give it a thorough wash and polish. This will show that your car has been looked after and that you have paid attention to its basic care.
  • The interior of your car can be easily brightened up with some new floor mats and air freshener.
  • Make it as roadworthy as possible. This includes good quality tyres (as well as a spare tyre), a working engine, functioning basic electrics such as internal and external lighting, and no cracks in the windscreen.
  • Minor repairs can make a big difference. This includes things like touching up small chips and scratches, and repairing any minor damage to alloy wheels.

Always keep in mind the cost of any repairs against the potential value of your car. Most minor repairs are fairly inexpensive, and things like windscreen chips can usually be fixed under your insurance for free and with no effect on your no-claims discount.

But if your car needs larger repairs, you may be better off selling it to us as it is and avoiding the out-of-pocket expenses. It comes down to balancing the repair costs against your car’s value. Get in touch with us if you’d like a professional and independent opinion about the value of your vehicle in its current condition compared to its value after any repairs.